WAVES Health Screening is an independent, CQC registered provider of cardiac diagnostic imaging services, based in the north east of England. Our services include echocardiography, 12 lead ECG and BP monitoring.

We offer bespoke in-sourced and field-based echocardiography and ECG services to private and public sector clients, and direct screening packages tailored to suit individual private patients. Under the scope of our CQC registration we are able to offer bespoke cardiac imaging services to Hospital Trusts and other healthcare facilities which could prove cost-neutral and in some circumstances even act as a funding stimulus to providers facing challenges in meeting

Given our current circumstances during the Covid crisis these challenges are both compounding and exacerbating.

We offer the added advantage of being able to perform remote reporting of echocardiograms which frees up scanning time for the physiologist in the department in order to deliver significantly more scans per session than would usually be expected. This means a far more rapid and focused response when waiting times are critically high. Waves are working with GE to explore potential applications of their new Centricity cloud-based imaging collaboration software.

We are keen to work with providers to arrange flexible ways of delivering a service that helps to manage their workload issues.